Friday, July 10, 2009

M.I.A................ (Missing In Action)

Hi Everyone,

I have been missing in action due to my computer being sick and needing a whole new hard drive. I have been reluctant to post emails at work as Teaching in schools means incredible Internet security and it basically shuts you down if the system is not happy with the web page you are on. So I have been a frustrated non-Internet user. The really funny thing is, is I also lost my cell phone and started to think that technology was no longer my friend. Which then made me think of how reliant we are on technology. I was almost going to take up the art of 'Smoke Signals' it got so serious there for a moment. I did manage to check me emails at friends over the many weekends I was without my laptop. I was really happy to receive messages from 4 new people who have or have suspected Classic EDS and they just dropped me a line to say I was not alone. Which brings me to the tragedy of MJ's Death and his famous song...."You are not alone", soooo sad; I really know I am not alone, thanks to all of your comments. I feel so blessed that I started this Blog and it was such a treat today logging on and seeing my World Cluster Map.......... "Hello World and Hello to all the gorgeous people out there who have dropped by to take a look at my Blog. We are not alone and I am so happy to say a lovely lady from the USA called Nancy just dropped me a line to say "that she hoped I was well".

Well I am really well and fighting fit. Actually I have been going to Weight Watchers and lost a staggering 12 kilos (26.4 pounds). I have joint the gym and also signed up for a 1/4 Marathon in November. I thought, you never know when your body will change, but my body has been behaving itself long enough to see me through to my 40's (fingers crossed). After my extensive research about EDS, I have realised just how lucky I am that at 37 I am still walking without pain. I really want to show my son Tristan that while our bodies are strong and healthy that we can accomplish many extraordinary things in our lives, whether that is to run a 1/4 marathon or climb a huge mountain, it is the fact that we can move without pain and we can run, jump, dance and skip, we are the lucky ones (as long as we don't trip up on concrete and need a million stitches). My baby is 12 and is such a teenager. You won't believe it, he is as tall as me. It happened 3 weeks ago. For 6 months, every morning as we brushed our teeth, he would stand next to me and would say "I'm just about as tall as you Mum". I would always reply...."NOT YET". Well 3 weeks ago I almost had a heart attack, he actually was as tall as me. I could not believe it.

Throughout 2009, I have been on a healthy 'Life Style Change' and I know he has been watching me. He has been asking about our bodies and how to add muscle as he wants a '6 pack', (it's an Arnold Schwarzenegger thing). I am so pleased he is looking at a healthy future now and that he has a healthy mother with EDS to show him we can be as strong anyone, we just have to be a bit more careful.

I would love to keep hearing from you so keep on sending me comments. "I'm Back.......thank goodness for the Internet".

Rowena X