Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tristans Hospital Appointment finally arrived!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and painfree! Well my boy finally had his hospital appointment. This is what they found:
* He has scoliosis of the spine.
* His shoulders are hunched.
* His hips are out of alignment.
* His pectus excavatum (sunken chest) needs to be operated on.

So the list is much bigger than I thought. But do you know what my gorgeous boy worried about throughout this whole appointment, that he wouldn't grow to be 6 ft, 4". The doctor told him that they think he won't grow for very much longer as his bone density of his pelvis bones showed this. He is already 5ft, 8" so he is tall enough. The silver lining on his growth slowing down is the fact that his spine, shoulders and hips will not have to be operated on as the curvature of all of them will stop, once he stops growing. So prayers, prayers, prayers that my baby stops growing very soon. His sunken chest is now being referred to a plastic surgeon who deals with skeletal deformities and this is going to be fixed, thank goodness. Tristan will now be under the care of Starship Hospital for the next two years to see if he needs anymore operations. Every six months he will need new xrays just to be sure.

So we waited almost a year for this information and it looks like things are going to be okay, due to the fact that none of his internal organs are being affected. He is such an amazing boy and just takes all of this in his stride. I am so blessed having such an amazing kid!

Love Rowena X