Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you Universe!!!!!

Dearest Universe,

I have been so disheartened over the past few years with the medical issues that Tris and I have had to go through. The flippant comments from the sterile Researcher, the mirad of test, MRI's, doctor appointments, hospital appointments and the dreaded waiting (being the worst thing). Last month I had an absolute 'RAAAAAAA!" for you to know that we have had enough and I wanted things to change.

Well change they did. Tris' surgery was a huge success!!!! He did not have Marfans Syndrome!!!!! And today my cardiologist contacted me with such a wonderful piece of news. She let me know that my aortic root has not got any bigger, it is the same size it was 4 years ago. It means that I do not even need to talk about surgery, let alone worry about it.

So I thank you Universe for hearing me and for the wonderful 3!!!!! That 'All good news comes in 3's'!!! And for the peace that I now have in my heart. I have been so strong all my life with my EDS and I always just coped with what came with it. But now we are done, we have been through the trials and tribulations and now it is our time to be armed with 'enough is enough' and to feel that we can go to London and have a healthy and happy new life there.

Love Rowena and Tristan