Saturday, January 30, 2010

OH NO.....NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!

The Angels must have been looking down on me again. On Sunday I had another sharp pain in the back of my head. By Tuesday the left side of my face was numb. If you have been checking up on my Blog, 3 years ago I had an artery dissection. Anyway, I went to the doctor and I was sent straight to hospital. The Accident & Emergency Doctors thought I had possibly had a stroke, cerebral bleed or my artery had dissected again. I cried and cried and I was so angry that my life finally felt like it was on track and this had happened again. Then came the test:
* 7 X-rays of my chest and neck,
* CT scan,
* MRI scan,
* Blood test,
* Stroke examinations with 4 Neurology doctors,
* And a very horrible drip in my wrist pumping litres on fluid into my blood stream.
I was in hospital for 49 of the longest hours waiting for my results. Finally, the Neurology team arrived. They all looked at me and I held my breath. "What has made my face numb?" There first response was "We do not know?" So I said "Okay, then what did you find?" Because my face was still numb and I had a dull, heaviness in the back of my head I thought it had to be something. They said..."There is absolutely nothing wrong with you". I couldn't believe it, I actually clapped for what seemed like several minutes. My brain and arteries were healthy and nothing had been damaged. The most amazing news was that a Neurologist told me that they were really pleased to see that my past dissection had healed so well that they couldn't even tell that it had been damaged. I left the hospital 15 minutes later with the biggest smile that my face had felt in a very long time. The great thing was, that it didn't happen again and I was healthy and lucky enough that I could go back to the life that I am enjoying being part of so much. The final diagnoses was that it may have been a facial migraine. I now affectionately have the title of "DRAMA QUEEN" at my school as I worried everyone so much and ended up being fine!

Love Rowena X