Friday, April 10, 2009

Clear, concise & positive information!

Dear EDS friends,

I have decided to start my blog entries like this after realising how many people have been checking out my blog! So hello there new friends!

Now, I always take time in the weekends to search the web for some more helpful information for myself, my son and this blog. I have found the best website for anyone who has EDS and wants to share this information with a family member or friends and also for people who have just been diagnosed. Here is the address:

I am so impressed with how concise the information is and it is factual without scaring the pants off you. Well done Georgia Health, you have definitely got a 5 star rating from me! Take a look, it's great!

Love Rowena

x x x x

P.S: I had to share this amazing personal fact. My gorgeous baby now has bigger feet that his Mum. He also has the very traditional EDS flat feet just like his Mum too. This was taken on a weekend away in Raglan which is situated on the Wild West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The sand is black and full of iron shards.