Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tristan's Operation is happening!

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year and I hope you are all well and pain free. My new year started with some amazing news. My gorgeous baby has an operation date: 27th January 2012. He has waited soooo long and he has been very paitent. So on that day he has his chest reconstructed and then his healing can begin. I am not just meaning physically but mentally as well. He has found his chest a real cross to bare and he has fallen into the silent shame of hiding his chest from the world. It is hard enough to be a teenager these days without having to deal with physical differences as well. I remember having so many scars on my legs from all of the stitches I had as a child. I would hide my legs at every opportunity and when people would stare at my scars it felt as if they were actually touching them. The shame I carried with my scars was exhausting and really difficult to live with at times. So I am so happy for my baby that he is getting his chest fixed and his confidence can be restored.

Another bit of lovely news is that my MRI results about my aortic root are in. My genetic counsellor said that it is still in the mildly dilated stage. This made my day! I am still waiting for my gene test to come back from America (so come on now America) but he tends to think I am only going to have Classical EDS.

What a great start to 2012!

Love Rowena