Sunday, May 17, 2009

Is Anybody Out There?

It was so great getting someone responding to one of my posts. I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to have a lovely lady email me about getting pregnant with EDS. I felt really great being able to share my pregnancy and to put her heart at ease about getting pregnant. I was so happy to know that after reading my post and talking to her doctors, she has decided to have her baby after all. I seem to have so many people looking at my blog, but at times I felt like the only person in the world with EDS, but it was a total buzz to have someone contacting me! Then only a few days ago another woman simply said...."I know how you feel" and those few words made me smile and stopped feeling alone. 'A shared concern or worry if halved', or so they say, so let's get talking and sharing ideas so we have a support network who understands.

I'd love to hear from anyone........anytime!