Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Ran the Whole Way!

Hi Everyone,

Well I did it! I ran the whole 1/4 Marathon in 1:21 minutes. My personal goal was to run 5 kms and walk the rest but I just kept on running. After 5 kms I thought that I would just keep on going to 6 kms and before I knew it I was at 7 kms, then 9 kms and I thought I am not stopping now! So I ran 10.5 kms today and I didn't fall apart. My poor leg muscles will not be talking to me for quite some time, but I was so proud of my body dealing with the strain. So my EDS and I did it. I wore my hat and actually I smiled the whole way as I was just amazed with my own determination. When I was walking back to my car I burst into tears, not from pain of anything like that, just from the share delight that I ran the whole race and made it to the finishing line!
Love Rowena X