Saturday, October 31, 2009

One More Day!

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is happy and healthy? I have been getting ready for my Quarter Marathon. Now to tell you the absolute truth, the thought of getting up at 5 am in the morning and starting the run at 6.45 am does nothing for me (at all) but at times when things are feeling a little daunting little reminders pop up from nowhere to remind me I can do this. I watched the news last night and it was about the New York Marathon (42kms/26 miles long), I am running 10.5kms/6.5 miles (HUGE DIFFERENCE), but the message was the same. There were people their running for their friends who had died from the most horrific illnesses and who had always wanted to run the marathon in New York. I burst into tears (of course) and just knew that the love we have for people who can not be here is so powerful, that these friends who have never exercised, will carry their love in their hearts all the way to the finish line. It made me think that I can do that for EDS - at times very much not my friend, but EDS is the constant entity in my life and I choose to see it as a friend and not a foe. So here is my little message to all of you out their who has EDS in their life, this is what I will be wearing while I run (and walk) because even people with EDS can stand tall and carry this all the way to the finish line with a smile on their face and the knowledge that we are not alone.

Love Rowena X